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Foal Pruf

Designed for newborn to weaned foals to promote healthier foals from birth onward.

Scours are the #1 problem that is commonly fought in foaling operations each year, and are almost always bacterial. Each dose of Foal Pruf contains electrolytes, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, an immediate energy source and specific egg proteins. Each concentration is clinically proven to combat intestinal pathogens and aid in passive transfer of critical immune factors. Foal Pruf can be used throughout the life cycle of a horse, however most breeders use it at birth to 4 weeks of age or if health challenges arise. It is being widely accepted in the equine breeding industry as an economical and effective way to address early health problems that occur during “Foal Heat” and keeps foals alert, happy and thriving! Foal scours can quickly go from an irritation to critical condition if left unaddressed.



@ksxperformance Foal “heat” scours. They suck. I don’t have them anymore and haven’t for years! #foalpruf #horsetok #foal #ksxperformance #foalingseason ♬ original sound - Kaitlyn Keller