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Hydra Pruf

Hydra Pruf is a concentrated source of electrolytes and microencapsulated direct-fed microorganisms designed for use in all animals. This packet is good for 10 feedings!

Hydra Pruf is an exceptional supplement for dehydration due to scours or stress related to shipping or transporting show animals.

Dehydration due to scours is a leading cause of calf death. Hydra Pruf is specifically formulated to match the PH of the calves’ gut, getting the animal back on feed as quickly as possible. Hydra Pruf contains no sugars, bicarb, or fillers that can lead to the formation of bacteria in the gut.

With Hydra Pruf, you are purchasing the essential electrolytes to aid in a quick recovery instead of added sugars that can make newborns go off feed or nursing. Hydra Pruf is cost-effective because a very small amount of essential ingredients go into each feeding.

Hydra Pruf can be added to regular feedings of milk replacers! No need for separate feedings to replenish electrolytes. Hydra Pruf tastes like water! No flavorings make animals resist drinking due to foreign tastes or smells.