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Show Pruf

Show Pruf is a complete product designed to increase feed consumption and utilization for animals during stress, showing, and ration changes. Show Pruf is easy to administer as a top dressing for your daily feed ration. Show Pruf is highly palatable and will make an immediate impact on your animal. Also, Show Pruf is formulated to support joint health and hair coat! Show Pruf was developed after 2 years of research to meet customer requests. SAFE for Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and pigs.

What Show Pruf provides:
*PRO and PREbiotics for gut health and digestive upset prevention.
*specific enzymes to increase feed utilization of your rations ensuring you are getting the results you want out of every ration
*increases appetite keeping animals on feed!!
*aids in the prevention of bloat and digestive upset when feed rations change.
*joint and bone support
*hair and coat support

Cattle-90 day supply per bucket (based on 1 head per day feeding)
Goats sheep pigs – 180day supply (based on 1 head per day feeding)
5lb buckets.