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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I used [Foal Pruf] on a filly when the mare was going through foal heat and two doses cleared her right up! I also gave one dose each to two hackney pony foals within 12 hrs of birth and have not had any loose stools whatsoever. I’m a believer that this product is superior to both Probios and Biosponge (while I feel both are decent products), they don’t seem to work as efficiently as the Foal Pruf paste.  


PoA & Racing QH Breeder, Iowa
We used Kid Pruf in our herd and were amazed at the results. Weak kids responded incredibly, got back on their nannies, never lost a day of growth, and are on track for showing season!  


I really can’t put in to words how great these products are! It’s a GAME CHANGER. The True Colostrum is better than anything on the shelf, and the Calf Pruf is literal gold in a tube. We’ve watched both of these work wonders in our herd. We are so thankful to not only know of these products but also to know Kaitlyn personally and I can’t say enough good things! From house calls in a winter storm to a deliver product and help with a calf, to just gaining knowledge from her! We are very thankful to benefit from these products and from her extensive knowledge! The success rate with our babies and beyond is outstanding! 100/10 would recommend!  


We had a calf born premature, with some very serious issues. Brought him home, basically to make however many hours here on earth God was going to give him to be as comfortable as he could be. The first 3 days were touch and go. We started using Calf Pruf, and a lot of it, and by the 4th and 5th day he started to come around. By day 7 we stopped drenching him and he was strong enough to suck on his own!! Highly recommend Calf Pruf… We now have a thriving month-old calf who is going to make it! Don’t run a herd without having Calf Pruf in your med bag!